EasyJet bans nut sales

It has been reported that EasyJet, a low cost airline mainly serving destinations in Europe, will ban the sale of nuts on board its flights.

In previous experience, before this ban, we have felt that EasyJet had already been a pioneer for those travelling with allergies. It is one of the only airlines that asks whether the customer has a nut allergy when checking into the flight via their booking system. Following this, the staff onboard make an announcement that there is a customer travelling with a nut allergy and for all customers to refrain from consuming their own nut products, however it is always advisable to communicate if you are travelling with allergies to the flight staff when entering the plane.

Travelling with Allergies certainly views this as a welcome move and hopes that other airlines see this as best practice and follow suit. There is often enough stress around travelling itself, that the last thing on your mind should be whether the trolley service will sell your neighbour a bag of cashew nuts, or they pull out a bags of nuts themselves, if you are travelling with a nut allergy.

Of course this cannot guarantee a nut free environment, but it is certainly a huge step in the right direction. While there is no official policy to force other airlines to impose a similar nut ban we hope that the positive press and reaction this news brings will encourage other airlines and help maintain the safety of those travelling with allergies.

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