Welcome to the cruise page. Here you can find cruises that actively cater for people with allergies. Find below the allergy information for these cruises so you can decide whether it would be appropriate to choose a specific cruise provider.

It is imperative to gain allergy information before embarking on a cruise for those with allergies, as you are placed in a more restrictive environment. However, don't let this caution put off a dream holiday. These cruise providers have put specific safeguards in place for allergy sufferers and you can find out more below. For your convenience the cruises have been tagged with relevant countries and cities so you can use the autocomplete box to find relevant cruise allergy information and continue travelling with allergies safely.

Allergy Friendly Cruises

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This is a demonstration of the cruise page summary. It is best used to give a brief overview of the cruise and the type of meals that are provided The "Read more" button allows users to find out more about these topics and any other allergy precautionary measures.