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Flying United: LHR to ORD

Picture of United Airlines

The next trip to the United States was a visit to the largest city of Illinois, Chicago. Flying to this Midwestern City was approximately an 8 hour 45 minute trip, which was plenty of time to enjoy the inflight meals and discover how allergy information is presented to passengers. For these travels, United Airlines was the airline provider and this blog will highlight how they catered for those travelling with allergies.

Visiting Yosemite

Views from a Hike in Yosemite
Yosemite, perhaps the most famous national park in the world. And not for lack of good reason. The unbelievable scenery, extremely scenic hikes and the Mariposa Grove of giant redwoods were some of the reasons why this has always been a bucket list destination for travellers. This however comes at a price and finding accommodation within the park can be quite difficult, especially in the peak summer months and so booking in advance is recommended. Read on to find out more about Travelling with Allergies to Yosemite.

Virgin Atlantic BOS to LHR

Virgin Atlantic BOS - LHR

On the return flight from Boston Logan International to London Heathrow Airport, Virgin Atlantic was once again the transatlantic flight operator. This flight originated in the morning, so the menu items differed from the outbound evening flight towards Boston, but allow for a good comparison between the morning and evening food options. Below documents how this Virgin Atlantic flight dealt with catering for those travelling with allergies.