Flying United: ORD to LHR

Returning from the city of Chicago, United Airlines was once again the airline provider. Similar to the outbound flight, this time the flight originated in the afternoon journey also originated in the afternoon, so provides a perfect chance to compare the meal options and the level to which United Airlines caters for those travelling with allergies.

During the shortly into the flight a meal was provided consisting of the following: Chicken meal with cheese sauce and orzo pasta, a white roll, a green salad and a mango sorbet. In terms of allergies, the food was again individually packaged and provided the following information:

Four Cheese Sauce with Seasoned Cooked Chicken Strips and Orzo: Milk, Soy and Wheat were labelled as allergens
White Roll: Wheat was labelled as an allergen
Mango Sorbet: Full list of ingredients was Mango Puree, Water, Sugar, Glucose and Stabilizer
Green Salad: In a similar fashion to the outgoing flight, no allergy information or ingredients were labelled on the salad.

In terms of additional items, the blog covering travelling with allergies on the London Heathrow to Chicago O’Hare flight included a review of the in flight magazine, which refers to available meals for purchase and a highlight of the fact that some products here contain nuts.

In summary, the two United Airlines flights both provided a similar experience for those travelling with allergies. Items are individually packaged and either provide a full list of ingredients or specific allergen information, except for the green salad. The suggestion to improve the level of catering to those travelling with allergies is once again to include a full list of ingredients for the provided salad.

Chicago to Heathrow In flight Meal
Chicago to Heathrow In flight Chicken Meal
Chicago to Heathrow In flight Mango Sorbet
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