United Kingdom

United Kingdom Factfile

  • Traditional Food: Fish and Chips (Fish, Wheat), Haggis (Sheep offal with onions, oats and spices), Full English breakfast (Baked beans, tomatoes, Egg, sausages, bacon), Roast Dinner (Roasted meat, potatoes/swede, carrots, broccoli, parsnips, turnips, gravy, Yorkshire pudding Wheat), Steak and kidney pie (Wheat), Chicken tikka masala (Chicken curry including yoghurt (Milk), tomato, rice and coconut), Cornish pasty (Wheat), Bangers and mash (Mashed potatoes and sausages).
  • Allergies to watch out: Wheat, Milk, Egg.
  • Language Spoken: English.
  • Virgin Atlantic BOS to LHR

    Virgin Atlantic BOS - LHR

    On the return flight from Boston Logan International to London Heathrow Airport, Virgin Atlantic was once again the transatlantic flight operator. This flight originated in the morning, so the menu items differed from the outbound evening flight towards Boston, but allow for a good comparison between the morning and evening food options. Below documents how this Virgin Atlantic flight dealt with catering for those travelling with allergies.

    Expired Epipens

    Image of expired allergy medication - Epipens
    An Epipen will typically last a year, and hopefully you will not have to use it during that time. But after several Epipen renewals and realising the medical drawer is stacked full of expired auto-injectors, the question is posed. What do we do with expired Epipens?

    May Contain...

    Image of labels that may contain allergens
    How many times have you been shopping and after picking up what seems like the perfect dinner, snack or dessert item only to have to put it down in disappointment after reading the words "May contain...".