Expired Epipens

The Epipen is one of the best medications an allergy sufferer could dream of. A portable shot of adrenaline that can literally save your life in the case of an anaphylactic allergic reaction.

They are also very practical, now packaged in a tough plastic to prevent damage to the injection, and the adrenaline lasts for a whole year until the allergy medicine needs to be renewed. Now the question that remains is this; "What is the protocol for expired epipens?".

Personally, after being prescribed an Epipen by my allergy doctor, or acquiring a new Epipen, I have never been told the correct way to dispose of the expired Epipens. As it would be unwise to throw the old Epipen into the bin, many an old Epipen has been stacked in the medical closet. It turns out however, one needs only to return expired epipens to the pharmacy and they will dispose of them correctly for you. Hopefully this will help to keep your medical area clear of old Epipens.

Image of expired allergy medication - Epipens
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