Aviation 2050: Flying with Allergies

Recently EasyJet reported the ban of nut sales onboard it’s flights. This is a much welcome move in the aviation industry that we at Travelling with Allergies hope becomes an industry standard practice.

At the moment there are no guidelines that govern nut sales onboard different airlines. However, with the potential risks this poses for those travelling with nut allergies, the interest in reviewing this is seen as a hugely positive step.

Currently the UK Government is looking at addressing the experience for those travelling with allergies as part of the so called “Aviation 2050 green paper”. This is an open consultation that focusses in the long term future of the aviation industry all the way up to the year 2050.

As part of the documentation, specifically under the “Enhancing the passenger experience” section on page 119, there is a focus on the issues facing those flying with allergies. Here it addresses a concern; that passengers feel that there is more progress to be made in airline allergy policies. The Civil Aviation Authority has since completed a review to understand any scientific evidence behind the risk of flying with allergies and if evidence suggests that policies would mitigate these. The results of this will be published in a report which should be available before the end of 2019.

Travelling with Allergies hopes that the results of this review will create a safer environment within the aviation industry and increase the confidence level of those flying with allergies. We look forward to the published results towards the end of the year.

More can be found at the Aviation 2050 - the future of UK Aviation website.

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