United States

United States Factfile

  • Traditional Food: Hamburger (Wheat and sometimes Sesame), Hot dog (Wheat), Pizza (Wheat). The USA has a very wide range of foods due to the ethnic diversity and it would be impossible to name them all here.
  • Allergies to watch out: Wheat.
  • Language Spoken: English.
  • Flying United: LHR to ORD

    Picture of United Airlines

    The next trip to the United States was a visit to the largest city of Illinois, Chicago. Flying to this Midwestern City was approximately an 8 hour 45 minute trip, which was plenty of time to enjoy the inflight meals and discover how allergy information is presented to passengers. For these travels, United Airlines was the airline provider and this blog will highlight how they catered for those travelling with allergies.

    Visiting Boston

    Arthur Fieldler by Charles River
    Boston, the major city in the state of Massachusetts and most populous in the Region of New England. Situated on the East Coast on the Atlantic, Boston is famous for the red brick architecture, the famous institutes of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University as well an array of seafood cuisine including lobster rolls and clam chowder.

    Alaska Airlines SFO to LAX

    Passenger on plane image

    With the untold number of sights, stops and scenic detours you’ll want to experience during a California road trip, it comes at no surprise how quickly your time budget will run out. While a road trip in a loop fashion may allow you to see more of the Golden State, driving one way along the coast and then boarding a flight, such as the route from San Francisco to Los Angeles, can be a excellent way to return to your starting point if you are running low on time.

    Flying BA LHR to LAX

    Airplane Image

    Transatlantic flights can often be stressful, even more so when travelling with allergies considering meals will be provided in a restrictive environment. However many airline providers cater well for those travelling with allergies ranging from pre-allocated food options, to allergy menus available during the flight.

    Visiting Big Sur

    McWay Falls
    Travel along Route 1 and you will be treated to one of the most spectacular drives on the planet. With the Pacific Ocean to one side and the mountainous region of Big Sur on the other, the 55 miles of highway between “Ragged Point” and El Sur Ranch will rapidly disappear as you meander along the coastline. Read on more, here on this Travelling with Allergies blog

    Visiting Yosemite

    Views from a Hike in Yosemite
    Yosemite, perhaps the most famous national park in the world. And not for lack of good reason. The unbelievable scenery, extremely scenic hikes and the Mariposa Grove of giant redwoods were some of the reasons why this has always been a bucket list destination for travellers. This however comes at a price and finding accommodation within the park can be quite difficult, especially in the peak summer months and so booking in advance is recommended. Read on to find out more about Travelling with Allergies to Yosemite.

    Visiting San Francisco

    Golden Gate Bridge
    San Francisco; home of the Golden Gate Bridge, Painted Ladies, Lombard Street and famous cable car to name a few. An immensely huge city made up of unique neighbourhoods, each bringing its own style, character and identity. As a result of the mix of cultures and residents, you can sample cuisine from nearly every corner of the world in this city. Read on in this Travelling with Allergies blog