Visiting Big Sur

Travel along Route 1 and you will be treated to one of the most spectacular drives on the planet. With the Pacific Ocean to one side and the mountainous region of Big Sur on the other, the 55 miles of highway between “Ragged Point” and El Sur Ranch will rapidly disappear as you meander along the coastline.

That is, of course, unless you make the most of the myriad of vista points dotted along the roadside. Taking as much time out, at as many of these sightseeing stop points as possible will make this journey unforgettable as experience things from watching Elephant Seals roll around across the beach, visit Pfeiffer Beach or catch a glimpse of the McWay Falls.

Another way to make the most of the area is to take advantage of the hikes that are available, and a good option is to get a local map and scope out routes of the desired length. Something to take into account however is that some of the routes are weather dependent and some areas will charge for parking.

In terms of eating, the restaurant that was visited during this trip in Big Sur was Nepenthe’s, which is about three quarters of the way, northbound, between Morro Bay and Monterey. This restaurant sits on top a cafe called Cafe Kevah, which offers smaller bites for cheaper prices, however if it’s a meal you are looking for, Nepenthe’s is one of the most well known options in the region.

With regards to travelling with allergies, the provided menu did not specifically call out allergens in any of the food items, however, as observed in the other restaurants visited across California, the service was excellent and the restaurant staff were very happy to talk through allergy concerns and convey the allergy requirements to kitchen staff. One of the main draws to this restaurant is  the tables on the ledge which offer views across the Pacific while enjoying a meal, and therefore if you have the time to spare, it is advisable to wait until one of these tables becomes free and try to spot a whale swimming off in the distance.

In summary, Big Sur and Route 1 make up one of the most amazing road trips out there. Meal options are available, however they can be quite pricey and few and far between. Nepenthe’s is a popular stop off point with oceanic views, although it would also be wise to bring supplies with you for the road trip duration in case the restaurant / cafe you visit is unable to provide an allergy friendly option.

McWay Falls
View from Nepenthe's
Meal view from Nepanthe's
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