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Visiting Big Sur

McWay Falls
Travel along Route 1 and you will be treated to one of the most spectacular drives on the planet. With the Pacific Ocean to one side and the mountainous region of Big Sur on the other, the 55 miles of highway between “Ragged Point” and El Sur Ranch will rapidly disappear as you meander along the coastline. Read on more, here on this Travelling with Allergies blog

Visiting San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco; home of the Golden Gate Bridge, Painted Ladies, Lombard Street and famous cable car to name a few. An immensely huge city made up of unique neighbourhoods, each bringing its own style, character and identity. As a result of the mix of cultures and residents, you can sample cuisine from nearly every corner of the world in this city. Read on in this Travelling with Allergies blog

Visiting Rimini

Cafeteria in Rimini
Rimini, a seaside resort town in Italy with beaches stretching for 9 miles along the Adriatic sea. If you are planning to visit San Marino, it is very likely you will pass through this town. Read on to find out more in this latest Travelling with Allergies blog.