Mexico Factfile

  • Traditional Food: Alambre (Grilled beef with onions, peppers, avocado, cheese (Milk), served with Corn tortillas), Burrito (Wheat wrap with a variety of fillings), Caldo de queso (A type of cheese (Milk) soup, Caldo de camaron (A type of shrimp (Seafood) soup), Caldo de siete mares Seafood soup, Chilaquiles (Corn tortilla base with meat and additional toppings), Entomatadas (Corn tortilla dish with tomato sauce and various fillings ), Huevos motule├▒os (Breakfast dish made with Corn, Egg), Huachinango a la Veracruzana (Fish dish), Papadzules (Dish made from Corn, Egg, pumpkin seeds and tomato), Pulpo (Octopus (Seafood) dish), Salbute (Tortilla (Corn) based dish with cabbage and meat), Sope (Tortilla (Corn) based meal), Taco (Corn/ Wheat tortilla based dish).
  • Allergies to watch out: Corn, Seafood.
  • Language Spoken: Spanish.