Spain Factfile

  • Traditional Food: Arròs negre (Squid (Seafood and rice dish), Escabeche (Fish broth), Ideuà (Noodle (Wheat) and Seafood dish), Paella (Fish, Seafood and or meat dish with rice), Pescaito frito (Fried Fish), Pincho (Bread (Wheat) appetiser usually served with Fish), Hornazo (Meat pie (Wheat), Escudella (Meatball, vegetable and pasta (Wheat) soup), Salmorejo (Tomato and bread (Wheat) soup with garlic and Egg), Nocilla (Hazelnut spread), Tarta de Santiago (Almond pie Nuts, Wheat fillet), Turrón (Nougat sweet containing Nuts), Common ling (Fish dish)
  • Allergies to watch out: Seafood, Fish, Wheat, Egg.
  • Language Spoken: Spanish.