About Us

The idea behind Travelling with Allergies has been driven by a passion of travelling. Learning about cultures, languages and exploring the natural landscape of this planet should be a right for everyone, and that extends to those of us who travel with allergies.
Anxiety about travelling with allergies can certainly be an obstical, however it shouldn't be a reason in itself to prevent travelling. It is the aim of this website to help you feel more comfortable travelling with allergies.

About the Founder

Being born with a nut allergy, my parents were naturally very cautious regarding my diet, and you can imagine their inner conflict as I became more independent. Perhaps nothing peaks the decision for my first independent solo travels around China. Since then my curiousity of the world has only grown and while I have at times been anxious about the foods I eat, I have never let allergies get in my way. Having visited over 50 countries I intend to continue and document my travelling with allergies to help others do the same. While allergies can sometimes be viewed as a burden, travelling with this condition has developed me as a person, from completing a Masters Degree in Allergy and meeting so many valuable people thriving with allergies aroud the globe. It is my hope that this website helps you to keep travelling with allergies safely.